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"Shrink" comes out on dvd on Tuesday, and I just watched it, and I gotta say, I loved Mr. Spacey's performance. It's been so long since I've seen him in something where he was the lead, I almost forgot how great he is when he's really on his game. I'm glad he's doing what he loves over in England with the theatre work, but it certainly is a shame for those of us who enjoy his movies. Just great performances all around, even if the story itself had a few iffy moments. So I recommend renting it when it's available Tuesday. But I know you guys would do that, anyway.

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PS - I'm a dork, but I have the exact same pair of New Balances that Mr. Spacey wears in the movie (several pairs, actually. I buy them from the outlet because they are the most comfortable sneakers ever), and I totally had a little squee moment when I realized it.


God, no one has posted in like 16 DAYS!
Our beloved Kevin Spacey is 49.
(It's 1:28am here, and I realized it's  his birthday.)
I feel like so much younger now.
I'm fourteen and all my friends make fun of me for
liking Mr. Kevin Spacey when he's my parents ages.

I <33 this picture of him.